All my work with people is based on four keys that are enduring life principles and can be used over and over again throughout a lifetime of work:

  1. Reveal what’s true for you
  2. Regain your personal power
  3. Express your commitment
  4. Surround yourself with support

The bottom line to being happy at work is finding a good fit.

It’s also essential to have a full life, a life outside of work that grounds you, gives you balance and perspective, and is nurturing.

Design a Work/Life You Love

Career Coaching & Professional Development

Coaching will help you to:

  • Clarify what you would most love to do
  • Identify the talents, skills, and abilities you have to contribute
  • Discover where, how, and with whom you want to do it
  • Design a plan to make it happen
  • Work the plan.


My style is straightforward and compassionate. I combine listening and interacting. At each session we define action steps you promise to take between meetings that are usually scheduled every two to three weeks.

Leadership Coaching​

One day you’re an employee, the next you’re a manager or leader. No training in between. You probably earned your new position by being a star and now you’re faced with the challenge of making other people stars. 

Becoming a manager is a huge paradigm shift. 

Most people would probably agree that the hardest part of their job is not the work itself, it’s dealing with people. And now that you’re in an executive position, honest and direct feedback is limited. This is a time when having a professional development coach can make a huge difference in your effectiveness.

Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • improve your performance and create outstanding results
  • hone your skills with people
  • step fully into your new role as a leader or executive
  • fulfill your potential
  • build on your strengths
  • be more productive
  • enhance your working relationships
  • improve communication skills
  • learn to develop and motivate others
  • achieve your goals.

Outplacement Services for Companies​

With outplacement coaching, people can turn a traumatic event into an opportunity.
Coaching for people who are being let go focuses on:

  • Letting go of the past
  • Healing wounds
  • Recognizing the gift in difficult circumstances
  • Clarifying work you love 
  • Identifying your talents, skills, and abilities
  • Creating a design for an inspiring future
  • Moving on to new work, a new company, or a new life
    One-on-one sessions can take place over three to six months or longer.
    Services can include coaching on how to let employees go in a way that leaves them with dignity and hope. 

Support Groups for Entrepreneurs and Writers


Many entrepreneurs have the ability to work independently, but sometimes this strength can lead to isolation and loneliness, especially for small business owners.

Celebrate successes, talk openly about mistakes and failures, exchange ideas and contacts, and give and receive support and encouragement in my long-running support group for small business owners.

The group is small and meetings are once a month. Even if you’ve been in business for years, don’t hesitate to explore if the group might be helpful. Interested? Let's talk.


Do you have a writing project you want to begin, breathe life into, add momentum to, stick with, or complete? Is it a book, blog, series of articles, essays, short story, or novel? Nonfiction, memoir, or fiction? To quote one of my writing teachers, “Joining a community of committed writers is brilliant.”

Many years ago I began writing a newsletter. Eighteen years later that love of writing blossomed into my first book. Twelve years after that I wrote my second book.

Over the years I’ve taken writing classes, attended seven workshops with Natalie Goldberg (author of Writing Down the Bones), and also attended the Taos Writers’ Conference several times. I realized that writers need support so I started a group that meets every three weeks for six months at a time.

Let's talk.

Books by Robin Sheerer

After many years of leading career workshops and working one-on-one with individuals I decided to capture in writing what I’d learned and thought was most valuable for people.

No more Blue Mondays

No More Blue Mondays: Four Keys to Finding Fulfillment at Work won the national Ben Franklin award for best career book of the year in 2000. Unlike the usual career books on how to pursue success to “get ahead,” I focus on how to find, create, and design work that is satisfying and fulfilling. In addition to constructive tools and no-nonsense advice, the book is filled with inspiring true stories of my clients.

Thrive: The Entrepreneurial Path to a Great Life

Thrive:  The Entrepreneurial Path to a Great Life will help you design work and a life you love through entrepreneurship. I’ll walk you through how to handle the tough times that are inevitable, adopt powerful practices, and stay true to yourself. It’s filled with straight talk, humor, practical advice, true stories (including my own) and the wisdom I’ve gained from being an entrepreneur since 1941 and leading support groups for entrepreneurs for over four decades.