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Touchstones: Aging with Grace, Grit and Gratitude

 A Two-Day Workshop for Women to Explore Thriving at Age Sixty and Above About the Workshop As we age we’re confronted with great challenges but have few role models and no guidelines on what it means to thrive in reality, not in an advertising fantasy. In this workshop we’ll bring our combined wisdom, humor and […]

Freeing Up Energy

A week ago I finally completed three tasks that had lived on a to-do list in my brain for weeks. I thought about them often, even suffered occasionally, but I continued to procrastinate and allow myself to get distracted. Last week I finally tackled one of the tasks and felt so good I decided to […]

Work Wisdom

I had my first job when I was eleven years old, babysitting for six kids under the age of nine, including an infant. (I think my activism dates back to this job because I asked for a raise, and got it!) I haven’t stopped working since. Sixty-three years. Whoa. What a lot I’ve learned. My […]


There’s hope in the air, not only because of the arrival of spring (finally) filled with the presence of brightly colored pansies, tulips and lilacs, mint green leaves on trees and hedges, and grass the color of limeade, it’s also that our economy seems to be in a period of resurgence. I think the biggest […]

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