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Terry’s Excellent Adventure

In his early fifties Terry left a corporate career to find different work and a new life. For two years he explored possibilities. He interviewed people, attended workshops, and thought hard about what he wanted to do. Then he stumbled onto a great idea for a business of his own. At the end of one […]

The 3 C’s of Thriving

A couple of weeks ago I spied a client sitting with her husband and child at an outdoor table under a sun-filled azure sky. Happiness flooded her face. She was taking a lunch break on one of the three days she works from home. She had found a new job with minimal commuting that uses […]

All That Stuff

All that stuff… I’m doing it. I mean it. I’m getting rid of stuff. I’m on a campaign to simplify my life. I’ve promised myself I’m going to be ruthless. I began a major clean out in spring, 2009. Because I have my business in my home I had filled three file cabinets with paper, […]

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