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Out of Your Mind, Into Your Heart… and Onto Paper

CLICK TO ENLARGE Do you have a writing project you want to begin? Join Our Writer’s Community Whatever your project—a book, essays, a memoir, short story, novel, nonfiction or creative nonfiction—joining a community of committed writers is “brilliant,” to quote one of my writing teachers. Please join our community in order to get started, propel […]

Part II. More about writing…

Part II. About writing…. 8. You need to read (a lot) in order to learn how to write. Books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs provide insights into structure, cadence, language, and dialogue. You’ll get ideas, inspiration, and courage. 9. Weave writing into your life. Take a notebook or journal with you everywhere. Use it standing in […]

About writing, Part I.

1. You gotta’ really wanna’. Or, it’s better just to forget about it. Quit suffering. Enjoy reading other writers. 2. No one cares whether you write, except you. Period. To stay with it, you have to be passionate – about the writing itself or the project you’re working on. 3. Writing is basically a solitary […]

We write for love…

In 1994, I took a two-month sabbatical because I had reached a plateau in my work. I was on empty and knew I needed rest and time away from my business. Every day I wrote in my journal and asked myself, “What should I do next?” One day I swear energy coursed through my arm, […]

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