When Should You Use a Coach?

Here are some of the most common challenges people meet in their work-lives. Deciding or figuring out:

  1. What you should be when you grow up (regardless of your age)
  2. How to step fully into a new leadership role (especially when you never thought you’d end up in that position in the first place)
  3. How to resolve fractious relationships at work (they don’t disappear if you ignore them and carry on as usual)
  4. How to maintain enthusiasm over the long haul or avoid falling into a “been there, done that, ho hum” frame of mind (especially when you’re bored to death and exhausted)
  5. How to handle yourself after being downsized, fired, or overlooked for a promotion (just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s easy)
  6. How to let employees go (no one likes doing this, except perhaps Chainsaw Al) in a way that leaves them with dignity and hope
  7. Whether you should retire, or not (and then, what in the world will you do with yourself after you’ve played enough golf or knitted your little fingers off?), or work part-time, or start something new
  8. How to create part-time work that’s meaningful (and not just the work no one else wants to do)
  9. Whether you should go to school for the first time or add more degrees (especially at your age)
  10. Whether you should continue to be self employed (even if you’re struggling) or go back to work for a company
  11. How to have a life (and still pay the bills)
  12. How to turn a disparate group of people (otherwise known as a motley crew) into a team that actually works, produces results, and has fun doing it
  13. How to enhance or increase your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (and stop depending on only a high IQ).

Do any of these fit you?

It’s easy to lose your perspective when you’re mired in any of the above circumstances. When any of us are in the thick of it, we tend to react with habitual responses, even if they’re ineffective. At that point, it’s important to acknowledge that we can’t do it alone, or at least we could do it better or more quickly, with some help.

This is the perfect time to seek out a coach.

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