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Career/Professional Development Services for Individuals

Over many years of working, it’s common to feel stuck, unhappy, frustrated, or even victimized at work from time to time. Mondays we used to look forward to can easily devolve into blue Mondays. We begin to dread going to work instead of look forward to it. This is the time when we need to be empowered to find, create, or design work-lives we love, somewhere new or right where we are.

I’ve been coaching people for almost twenty-five years and I’m always thrilled when my clients say, as one did recently, “The last five years have been the happiest in my life. I love every day.” I know from personal experience that it’s possible to love your work.

One on one coaching sessions to:
•    Clarify what you would most love to do
•    Identify the talents, skills, and abilities you have to contribute
•    Discover where, how, and with whom you want to do it
•    Design a plan to make it happen
•    Begin working the plan.

Sessions generally range from three to six meetings or more, depending on your needs and objectives. Changing careers usually takes longer than changing jobs. Sessions are an hour to two hours in length and preferably in person but can be by telephone.

I don’t give tests but do assign structured exercises, request that you read my award winning book (No More Blue Mondays/Four Keys to Finding Fulfillment at Work), and listen to an audiotape/CD. My style is straightforward and compassionate. I combine listening and interacting. At each session we agree to action steps you promise to take between meetings that are usually scheduled every two to three weeks.

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