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Leadership Coaching for Managers and Executives

One day you’re an employee, the next you’re a manager or leader. No training in between. Most likely you got to your new position by being a star and now you’re faced with the challenge of making other people stars. This is a huge and difficult paradigm shift to make.

Additionally, you may have worked hard at developing technical skills and not as hard at developing your emotional intelligence, especially relationship skills. Added to this equation may be the circumstance that now that you’re at the top, honest and direct feedback is limited. This is the time when having a professional development coach can make a huge difference in your effectiveness.

Professional development coaching is for you if you: want to excel, improve performance and create outstanding results; are technically competent (maybe even brilliant) in your job but need to hone your skills with people; have been promoted but have not stepped fully into your new role; are not fulfilling your potential.

One on one coaching with individuals to help you step fully into your role as a leader or executive:

•    Identify your strengths and areas to improve
•    Become more productive
•    Enhance working relationships
•    Improve communication skills
•    Learn how to develop and motivate others
•    Be more productive
•    Achieve your goals

A coaching program can include a 360 custom-designed feedback questionnaire.
Individual sessions take place over a period of time ranging from six months to a year or more, as needed. Sessions are best if conducted in person but can be by telephone.

Career Development Programs & Outplacement

We offer consulting on how to put together a program that supports employees to maximize their time within your company, continue to grow and develop, increase their loyalty, and expand their contributions.

Nothing is worse than having to let people go. No one likes this difficult task and very few of us do it skillfully and well. It helps all the employees still working at the company to know that those who were let go will be taken care of and helped to move on in their lives. With outplacement coaching, people can turn traumatic events into great gains.

Coaching to help employees transition out of the company. Sessions focus on:

•    Letting go of the past
•    Healing wounds
•    Recognizing the gift in difficult circumstances
•    Clarifying work you love
•    Identifying your talents, skills, and abilities
•    Creating a design for an inspiring future
•    Moving on to new work, a new company, or a new life

One on one sessions can take place over three to six months or longer, depending on the need.

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