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About Career Enterprises Inc.

Work is a gift. It’s the single greatest arena available to us for self-expression, contribution, and personal growth and development. Work is where we can develop the best part of ourselves and become bigger people.

Because we spend the largest number of our waking hours at work, it’s important to find, create, or design work we love, that utilizes our strengths, and is in a setting that’s right for us. To empower my clients in finding fulfillment at work, I introduce them to the following four keys:
1. Reveal what’s true for you;
2. Regain your personal power;
3. Express your commitment;
4. Surround yourself with support.

These keys are enduring life principles and can be used over and over again throughout a lifetime of work.

We need to remember to have full lives outside of work too, lives that ground us, give us balance, perspective and nurturing. We should plan as carefully for this part of our lives as we do for our work. Therefore, a work-life design should not only include work we love, but a life we love.

Partnering with you to achieve this for yourself is my work. It’s the work of Career Enterprises.

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