My third year into writing a book for entrepreneurs, I found a great agent (through my writing buddy – networking works) and had a series of productive meetings with him. He helped me get clear about my message and I found a strong place to stand in those conversations. An experienced, successful agent. Yahoo. A great title. Yahoo. I thought I was on my way to getting a second book published.

And then, a thoughtful client wrote that someone else had already published a book with the title I planned to use. Bummer. It felt like a major setback. For several weeks I whined and complained that I would never find another great name.

And then, rejections started coming from publishers, all of whom commented, “She doesn’t have a big enough platform.” Major, major setback. My agent finally suggested that I publish the book myself.

Talk about setbacks. I was really disappointed and close to giving up. Then, I had several great things happen. A young client whose entrepreneurial venture had failed came for coaching. He announced that he was a failure. I recognized a powerful distinction – his venture had failed, but he hadn’t. I listened to myself and realized that I had not failed, nor had my book, regardless of how the publishing industry viewed it.

The second thing that happened was that a friend read part of what I had written and gave me wonderful feedback on how to strengthen it. The last good event was that my writing buddy encouraged me to use a name I had thought about in the past and that led to my new title: Thrive! with a Vibrant Small Business and a Life You Love.

I was on fire again. I felt liberated. I threw out everything I had written in order to please the agent and/or the publishing company. My passion was unleashed and I’ve found my voice. For the first time in this whole process, I’m confident now that it will be a good book because I’m writing from a powerful place, my heart. And, I’m even excited about self-publishing.

Setbacks are often gifts in disguise, aren’t they?


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Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

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You have always said that breakdowns are breakthroughs, and I can’t tell you how often I have found consolation in that wisdom. What’s more, I have often been able to pass the word on to others. I like the distinctions you draw. I have several copies of No More Blue Mondays–all marked up with reflections from various readings at different times. I can’t even count how many copies I’ve given to others. Now I can’t wait to see your new book in print. Once again you’ve hit the right note. This is just what people need right now.

Thank you for your lovely comments – and for reminding me that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. It’s easy to forget, isn’t it? I agree that people need a motivating book about entrepreneurship right now. I’m almost finished and excited about getting it out to people who need and want it. Robin


I love this. Just hopped over from your newsletter. I’m so impressed with people who stick with their dream projects despite all the odds to see them through. Yeay Robin!!!


5 Star Work!

Thank you, Robin

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