Part III. About writing

12. Writing is confronting. If the topic itself doesn’t confront you, the mantle of writer or the demands of writing will. Something will be staring you in the face at some point. If you stick with it though, writing can be a great source of personal development and maturity. You may grow into someone you’ve always wanted to be. You can put closure to the past, re-work personal issues, create breakthroughs, and have powerful insights.

13. People work in different ways. Some work in spurts. Some work every day. Trust your own rhythm. Just do what works for you, but have a structure in place with deadlines so that you continue moving forward.

14. The rewards of writing are primarily in the doing. Of course, it’s deeply gratifying if your work is published and you get positive feedback from your readers. Most likely your rewards will never be financial. A business book can definitely act as a great calling card or “bio,” and you may be able to increase your fees, land paid speaking engagements, or win work you wouldn’t otherwise, but the vast majority of authors rarely, I mean rarely, earn beyond a bare minimum. If we ever counted up the hours we’ve put into our writing, we would realize we’ve been paid pennies, so we don’t do it. We write for love – love of words, love of writing, love of self-expression, love of sharing and communicating, love of creating, and love of contributing. So should you.


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Here’s some at random, in case any helpHow do you pick what genre you want to write in?How did you get your agent?Do you work with one publhsier or several?What do you think of your copyeditors do they drive you crazy or are they okay?When you are writing, do you find it hard to spot and do things like, say, eat?Is there any genre/type of story you would like to write but have not had a chance?Is there an award you’d like to win?What’s the coolest perk of being a writer?What’s the most annoying part about being a writer?

Here are simple answers to your questions: To pick the genre you want to write in, notice the one you enjoy and read most often; Find an agent the same way you do anyone else – network and read books about them; You can send things out to more than one publisher and if you don’t have an agent, you should – even agents send out to more than one; My proof reader and editor was great; When I’m working and forget to eat, that’s a great sign that I’m totally engaged; I’ve never written a novel and want to do that; I’d love to win an award for a short story I wrote called “Rest Stop”;The best perk of being a writer is the opportunity to express and share a passion; The most annoying part of being a writer is having to promote your own work. Thanks for asking these great questions, Robin

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