All That Stuff

All that stuff…

I’m doing it. I mean it. I’m getting rid of stuff. I’m on a campaign to simplify my life. I’ve promised myself I’m going to be ruthless.

I began a major clean out in spring, 2009. Because I have my business in my home I had filled three file cabinets with paper, including one in the basement, and the floor next to my desk was piled with files. Thirty years worth of business documents I thought I should keep. I got tired just thinking about it. After a while, it became oppressive and I walked around the house muttering that paper would be the death of me.

I started going through file drawers, throwing my past life into recycle bins. I let go and let go. I was fiercely determined not to use so much paper from now on. I vowed to use the Internet to find what I need. Then I got busy. Now almost two years later, I still have too much stuff. It threatens to inundate me.

This Saturday I’m taking on the dreaded basement. It’s a nightmare. I shudder every time I walk through it to get to my car. I’m going to clear things out, box things up, throw things away, shred, and donate.

I’ll keep you posted.





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